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Thank you for joining our affiliate program.

On this page, you'll find email ad copy to send to your subscriber list, a text link, PPC text ads, banner ads and product images.

We will keep you informed when we add new banners or ezine articles, update existing banners, and run special promotional campaigns.


Email Ad Copy For Your Opt-In Subscriber List

If you have an opt-in subscriber list, you can use these emails to market our product to them.

Subject lines (3):

Email ad copy (2):


Text Link

You can use this text link on your web site.


Pay-Per-Click Text Ads

You can use these ads in your pay-per-click campaigns.


Banners and Product Images

You can place banner ads or product images on your web site, in some search engine pay-per-click campaigns, or in email, ezines and newsletters.

Right click on a banner or product image to save it to your computer.

There are non-animated banners, animated banners, and product images located below.

When you use the banners, make sure you include your affiliate link.


Animated banners:


Non-animated banners:


Product images:

The product images may only be used for the purpose of creating links connecting your website to our website and promoting our products for sale. You may not: alter, modify or manipulate any product image; use a product image in any form other than the form provided by us; remove any code or identifying information from any product image; or inactivate the link associated with any product image or cause the image to ultimately link to a destination other than our website.





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